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A1905BAmpligase® 10X Reaction Buffer 5ml2$89$55
ASB71110AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Biotin-RNA Transcription Kit2$545$340
BMAX044BACMAX™ DNA Purification Kit3$277$165
C400CH10CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Chemically Competent E. coli1$254$140
CCFOS110CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kit1$971$590
CIS40025CopyCutter™ Induction Solution 25ml
CL9025KCircLigase™ II ssDNA Ligase 5,000 units2$853$430
D9905KRNase-Free DNase I, 5ml4$214$65
DB0711KBaseline-ZERO™ DNase, 5,000 MBU1$117$75
DS010925DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit, 25 reactions1$848$333
E3101KPlasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase, 1,000 units.3$107$49
E3105KPlasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase, 10,000 units.1$325$197
EC300110TransforMax™ EPI300™ Electrocompetent E. coli2$388$165
ER81050End-It™ DNA End-Repair Kit, 50 reactions1$308$186
EZI912DEZ-Tn5™ Insertion Kit, 10 reactions.1$695$214
EZI921TEZ-Tn5™ Insertion Kit, 10 reactions1$695$214
FMAX046FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit1$285$101
FS99100FailSafe™ PCR System with PreMix Choice (Includes FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme Mix and your choice of any one (1) FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix)1$182$109
FS99250FailSafe™ PCR System with PreMix Choice (Includes FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme Mix and your choice of any two (2) FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMixes)1$422$265
FSP995AFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix A 2.5ml1$69$26
FSP995BFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix B 2.5ml1$69$26
FSP995CFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix C 2.5ml1$69$26
FSP995DFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix D 2.5ml1$69$26
FSP995EFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix E 2.5ml14$69$26
FSP995FFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix F 2.5ml2$69$26
FSP995GFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix G 2.5ml2$69$26
FSP995HFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix H 2.5ml1$69$26
FSP995IFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix I 2.5ml3$69$26
FSP995KFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix K 2.5ml2$69$26
FSP995LFailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix L 2.5ml1$69$26
LR2D1132KT4 RNA Ligase 2, Deletion Mutant, 2,000 units1$85$53
MB100SPMasterAmp™ Buccal Swab Brushes (soft package) pack of 1001$133$81
MB711705MasterPure™ DNA Purification Kit for blood, Version II1$43$24
MC89010MasterPure™ Complete DNA & RNA Purif. Kit2$100$42
MMP03750MPC Protein Precipitation Solution2$118$72
MO7205DMasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix D8$110$66
MP5110MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extract1$424$172
MPY80010MasterPure™ Yeast DNA Purification Kit1$50$26
N6901KRNase I, 1,000 U1$135$86
NT09500KRibonculease T1, Aspergillus oryzae1$292$183
OC7850KOmniCleave™ Endonuclease1$360$216
QE0905TQuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution, 10ml trial size1$74$45
QEP80705QuickExtract™ PLANT DNA Extraction Solution1$74$57
R1810MReady-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution5$594$275
RN02950RNase III4$84$65
RNR07250Ribonuclease R (RNAse R)2$292$179
T5E4111KT5 Exonuclease1$98$76

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Purchase a DeNovix DS-11 FX, DS-11 FX+
Fluorometer/ Spectrophotometer
or QFX Fluorometer & receive a free DeNovix Start-Up Kit
valued at over $1200 AUD.

dnpromoThe DeNovix FX Start Up Kit contains:

gelred gtshomepage

Cat # 41003: GelRed Nucleic Acid Stain 10,000X in water (0.5ml/unit)

Ditch ETBr toxicity for good!  

GelRed™ is a next-generation fluorescent nucleic acid gel stain designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr).  Developed by scientists at Biotium, GelRed™ is superior to EtBr and other EtBr alternatives by having a combination of low toxicity, high sensitivity and exceptional stability. It is a direct replacement for ETBr due to its almost identical spectrum.



GelGreen™ is a sensitive, stable and environmentally safe green fluorescent nucleic acid dye designed to stain either dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels.  GelGreen is far more sensitive & stable (both hydrolytically and thermally) than SYBR dyes like SYBR Safe.

Free 25ul trial size samples are also available on request (delivery fee applies)