Come and say HELLO to Gene Target Solutions at the following events and get the gossip on the latest innovative technologies on offer:-

Come and meet Gene Target Solutions at the 2019 Lorne Cancer Conference. We offer innovative solutions for Epigenetic, Genotyping, Oncology/Liquid Biopsy and Metagenomic Applications. Learn about our NEW SWIFT Normalase Kit. The Normalase workflow eliminates the need for library quantification and concentration adjustment prior to library pooling, resulting in optimal cluster density and library balance. Its improved library balancing allows higher multiplexing per run and predictable read depth, reducing the need to re-sequence.


Gene Target Solutions will be partnering with LGC Biosearch Technologies at the 40th annual Lorne Genome Conference in 2019.  We will be offering products for Next Generation Sequencing, Stellaris® RNA FISH and for Real-Time qPCR – Genotyping, including Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits, Enzymes, Molecular Reagents & PCR Master-Mixes, dual-labelled BHQ® probes, BHQplus® probes, Molecular Beacons, and Scorpions® primers. Also, come  and check out Mic and MYRA to automate your process.