About Us

Our Vision: “To provide integrated solutions designed to increase efficiency and improve confidence, enabling our scientists to advance our understanding of the entire genome, thus leading to a better understanding of diseases globally.”

We understand that scientific discovery comes mostly in small steps. We also know that relentless, focused, attention to detail yields results and this must come from a mindset that is continuously challenging and fine-tuning procedures leading to the development of superior technologies and tools for our scientists. It is with this vision that we have chosen our portfolio of products for genomic studies.

Our partnerships with leading Global Biotechnology Companies such as Quanta BioDeNovix BiotiumOrfloKuraboLucigen (Epicentre), BioMolecular Systems (formally known as Corbett Research), &  LGC Biosearch Technologies all innovative developers and manufactures of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function, have been chosen to enable our scientists here in Australia to accelerate the collection, analysis, and application of biological information thus leading to new and better ways to improve health and prevent diseases in individuals and populations. Our broad portfolio of leading-edge sequencing and array-based solutions, qPCR technologies, DNA/RNA fragment analysis, address a range of genomic complexity and throughputs, enabling researchers to select the best solution for their scientific challenge.

Gene Target Solutions has a flexible, consultative approach in dealing with all our scientists’ pre-sales, sales and after sales requirements and are committed to providing integrated solutions designed to increase efficiency and improve confidence. We pride ourselves on the level of interest we take in learning about our client’s direction, the problems that they face and the implication of those problems and then ultimately working with our client to find a solution to meet their needs. We do this with our scientists in universities, hospitals, medical research institutes, Government Institutions like the CSIRO and Departments of Primary Industries as well as Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Agricultural Companies.

At Gene Target Solutions, we take it very seriously when we say that our responsibilities to our clients do not end after we have supplied them their products.

Our Team

andrewHaving graduated from The University of NSW with a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in 1985 and after a brief period in the Laboratory, Andrew embarked on a career as a professional salesperson in Life Sciences. With a keen interest in the area of Molecular Biology and Genomics and at a time when these fields were rapidly advancing, Andrew enjoyed the challenges working with the Start-up teams with companies like Life Technologies (GIBCO/BRL) and Corbett Research and with the introduction of the Qiagen Portfolio of Purification Technologies into the Australian Marketplace.
To be successful in this industry, he maintains that you have to enjoy working with people and continually strive to bring solutions to our scientists to improve efficiency and improve confidence with quality innovative products, quality people and quality service and this is reason why he established Gene Target Solutions in 2009. Away from work, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, friends and his horses, music, and anything where some form of exercise is involved including squash and running.

pedroPedro Ragazzini – Service Engineer & Operations Manager
Pedro is an electronics Engineer by profession, with more than 30 years of experience in the Life Sciences Instrumentation field. For over 16 of these years, Pedro was employed by Corbett Research. It was here that he gained vast experience in the instrumentation field as he successfully managed the Service Department, the Production Department and then the Operations Department of Corbett Research. He joined Gene Target Solutions in its primary days. Pedro is fully committed to providing excellence in customer service and support. Outside his working environment, Pedro loves outdoor activities and sports, principally windsurfing, alpine skiing and reef snorkelling. In the little spare time that remains, Pedro also manages his own Engineering Company, Labaux Pty Ltd.

Scientific Partners Australia – Representative in WA

Established in August 2011, Scientific Partners Australia Pty Ltd is a Perth scientific supply based company, handling local representation and supply of laboratory goods including chemicals, filtration products & instrumentation (minor & major).

Proving our commitment to our customers and the scientific industry in Perth our team are also actively engaged in organising and hosting events, seminars and product demonstrations. Passionate about science and assisting the scientific industry achieve great heights is why we get up in the morning.

Scientific Partners aims to value add and work with customers and suppliers to be your partner in science.

Scientific Partners have been appointed the SA representative for the sale of Gene Target Solutions products.