repliQa™ HiFi Assembly Mix

Seamless assembly of multiple DNA fragments for high efficiency cloning.

Features & Benefits
  • Formulated to increase number of transformants
  • Assemble up to 6 fragment inserts without the need for restriction enzymes
  • Flexibility in design with 10x MM enabling assembly of low concentration DNA samples
  • Eliminates dilution step resulting in easier workflow and 1 hr assembly
  • Includes DpnI to reduce background when using plasmid templates for PCR
repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.


The repliQa™ HiFi Assembly Mix simplifies the construction of recombinant DNA through seamless assembly of multiple DNA fragments in a single, isothermal reaction. Similar in principle to the Gibson Assembly® Method, the high efficiency RepliQa HiFi Assembly Mix is ideal for a range of genetic engineering applications including:

  • Routine molecular cloning
  • Site-directed mutagenesis
  • Synthetic biology
  • Construction of libraries for directed evolution studies

The concentrated (10x), two component format allows flexibility in design of assembly reactions and compatibility with less concentrated DNA samples. The RepliQa Mix has been optimized for use with a total input quantity of DNA fragments in the range of 0.03 to 0.5 pmols. Assembly of up to five DNA fragments is recommended, though the RepliQa Mix has been used successfully for more complex assemblies. The mix supports assembly of multiple DNA fragments in a single 1-hr reaction.

High efficiency cloning from low DNA inputs

repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix increases transformation efficiency without the need for diluting or purifying the assembly reaction prior to transformation of competent cells, resulting in less hands-on- time and faster workflows.

Assemble larger number of fragments

repliQa HiFi Assembly Mix allows for large inserts to be cloned at a very high efficiency resulting in significantly more positive clones eliminating the need to repeat experiments due to erroneous or insufficient clones.

Performance Data


  • repliQa HiFi Assembly Enzyme Mix: Optimized formulation of enzymes for 5’-end resection, high fidelity 3’- end extension, and nick sealing.
  • repliQa 10X Assembly Reaction Buffer: 10X reaction buffer containing dNTPs, magnesium, and cofactors
  • DpnI (20 U/μl) Restriction endonuclease:  for the (optional) post- PCR digestion of residual unamplified plasmid template.

Storage & Handling:

Store kit components in a constant temperature freezer at -25°C to -15°C upon receipt. For long term buffer storage (> 30 days) store buffer at -70°C. Refer to the product label or lot-specific Product Specification Sheet (PSF) available at http://www.quantabio/resources for applicable expiration date.


Cat # 95190-10 : 10 rxn
Cat # 95190-50 : 50 rxn