PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kits

Accurate library quantification for next gen sequencing

PerfeCta NGS Quantifications kits use real-time PCR with prediluted standards for the convenient and accurate quantification of NGS libraries for the Ion Torrent or Illumina NGS platforms.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and sensitive method for NGS library quantification
  • Stabilized, prediluted standards for convenient use
  • Consistency across a broad range of samples
  • Sensitivity of detection to quantify low concentration libraries
  • Quantification for either Illumina or Ion Torrent


Download thePerfeCTa NGS Quantification Brochure


Accurate quantification of the number of amplifiable library molecules is the most critical step in the NGS workflow in obtaining high quality read data with next-generation sequencing technologies. The PerfeCta NGS Library Quantification Kit uses real-time PCR to specifically quantify library molecules that possess the appropriate adapter tag at each end. These are the suitable template molecules for either emulsion PCR used for the Ion Torrent platform or Bridge PCR used for Illumina NGS platforms.

PerfeCta NGS Quantification kits simplify the library quantification process by providing stabilized, pre-diluted standards, pre-qualified primer sets, and an optimized dilution buffer for your NGS library samples. This minimizes pipetting errors and ensures reproducible and precise qPCR results, even with dilute samples. The robust qPCR performance of PerfeCta SYBR Green SuperMix provides accurate quantification of NGS libraries with varying fragment sizes or GC content. Kits are available to support all major qPCR instrument platforms.

A common problem with some NGS library quantification protocols is the use of DNA standards that are too concentrated and generate qPCR data that are outside of the linear dynamic range for many qPCR instruments. Improper baseline settings result in compressions between the highest concentrated DNA standards that in turn give rise to inflated PCR efficiencies and inaccurate library quantification results. The NGS DNA standards supplied with the PerfeCta NGS Library quantification kits have been carefully selected to avoid these artifacts and produce NGS library standard curves with exceptionally high linear regression correlation coefficients.

Performance Data

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Fig.1 qPCR amplification of the supplied DNA standards


Ion Torrent

The Ion Torrent DNA standard produces a 183-bp amplicon (51.9% GC) using primers that target the “A” and “trP1” adaptor sequences:

Ion Torrent forward: 5’-CCATCTCATCCCTGCGTGTC-3’
Ion Torrent reverse: 5’-CCTCTCTATGGGCAGTCGGTGAT-3’


The DNA standard for Illumina NGS platforms generates a 426-bp amplicon (48.8% GC). Primer sequences correspond to the “P5″ and “”P7” primer sequences for Illumina sequencing libraries:

Illumina forward: 5’-AATGATACGGCGACCACCGA-3’
Illumina reverse: 5’-CAAGCAGAAGACGGCATACGA-3’

Available Kits

PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Ion Torrent
PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Ion Torrent, ROX
PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Ion Torrent, Low ROX
PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Illumina
PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Illumina, ROX
PerfeCTa® NGS Quantification Kit – Illumina, Low ROX