AccuBlue ™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit

The AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit provides an unprecedented level of sensitivity in dsDNA detection. The AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation assay is the most sensitive and accurate DNA quantitation method for ultra low amounts of DNA. With a detection limit as low as 1 pg DNA in a 96-well plate reader assay (see Table 1), AccuBlue™ NextGen outperforms rivals such as PicoGreen® in sensitivity and accuracy. Specially designed for scientists who need to quantify extremely dilute or precious DNA, AccuBlue™ NextGen is ideal for use in preparing samples for applications such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and digital PCR.

The AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA quantitation assay is designed for use with fluorescence 96-well plate readers equipped with excitation and emission filters for detecting green fluorescence. The unique spectral properties of AccuBlue™ NextGen Dye make it especially well-suited for use with instruments with blue LED excitation sources. Because the AccuBlue™ NextGen assay is so sensitive, results will vary depending on many factors, such as microplate reader (see Table 1), assay volume, and pipet accuracy.

The AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit contains AccuBlue™ NextGen Dye, Enhancer, assay buffer, and dsDNA standard, with instructions for preparing a set of standards by serial dilution.

Kit components

AccuBlue™ NextGen Dye, 400X
AccuBlue™ NextGen Enhancer, 100X
AccuBlue™ NextGen Buffer, 1X
High Sensitivity dsDNA Standard *, 10 ng/uL
*Note: The concentration of the DNA Standard included in this kit (10 ng/uL) is different than the concentration of the DNA Standard (300 pg/uL) included in the previous version of this kit. The standard was changed due to DNA adsorption issues.


Linear range: 1-3000 pg dsDNA
Green fluorescence (Ex/Em 460/507 nm)
Unrivaled sensitivity (see Ref. 1)
Assay stability: prepared working solution can be stored for up to 6 months in the fridge for added convenience.
Green fluorescent dye is a perfect match for blue LED excitation sources
Green fluorescence detection compatible with fluorescence microplate readers, handheld fluorometers, and NanoDrop® fluorospectrophotometers.




31060 AccuBlue NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit (1000 assays)
31060-T AccuBlue NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit, Trial Size (200 assays)