Sanger Sequencing & Fragment Analysis


You’d think that running a DNA Analyzer for Sanger sequencing would be fairly easy. But what makes keeping a balanced budget while delivering
quality results so difficult?

The trick is to find the same quality consumables at a lower cost. Hundreds of service providers have happily made the switch to MCLAB for their
sequencing consumable needs. Now we would like to offer you a chance to join this elite team of budget optimizing gurus.

Choose from the list of newly launched and recently re-formulated reagents that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We guarantee you will see the
difference in helping you reach your budget goals without losing the quality in your results.

MCLAB 2X STR Master Mix

The 2X STR Master Mix allows for even and reliable multiplex PCR analysis of microsatellite loci. The Master Mix contains a proprietary …

MCLAB 310 Capillaries

310 Capillaries are bare fused silica capillary tubings, 47cm x 50µm (36 cm well-to-read) and 61cm x 50µm (50 cm well-to-read). They …

MCLAB 96 Well Silicone Septa Mat

Silicone Septa Mat for capillary sequencing of 96-well PCR plates. Autoclavable and Reusable up to 5 Times. Ideal for work on ABI …

MCLAB BigDye® Sequencing Clean Up Kit

McLab’s BigDye® Sequencing Clean Up Kit is a magnetic bead-based high-throughput purification of DNA sequencing reaction kit. The kit consists of beads …


MCLAB’s CARE solution is designed for inline capillary regeneration. It has been tested on ABI’s 310, 3100, 3130xl and 3730xl successfully. CARE …