The Quanta microRNA Technology OUTPERFORMS its competitors! – Now Published in Nature Methods

We are very excited to announce that in a publication of Nature Methods: Evaluation of quantitative miRNA expression platforms in the microRNA quality control (miRQC) study, Quanta BioSciences miRNA technologies outperformed the competition for both accuracy AND reproducibility.

Summary of the miRQC study

  • Large-scale microRNA quality control study (miRQC) organized by Pieter Mestdagh and Jo Vandesompele at Ghent University, Belgium
  • Modeled after the original microarray quality control (MAQC) study published in Nature Biotechnology, 2006
  • Evaluation of the performance of currently available microRNA gene expression profiling platforms (RT-qPCR, microarray/bead hybridization, massively parallel sequencing)
  • Participants: Affymetrix, Agilent, Exiqon, Illumina, Life Technologies, Nanostring, Qiagen, Quanta Biosciences and Wafergen
  • Each supplier measured at least 384 human miRNA genes in 16 standardized samples plus 4 optional serum samples provided by the miRQC study coordinator

Click here to download the full details of the study from the publication in Nature Methods

Summary of the Quanta BioSciences microRNA Technology

The qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit is suitable for use with total RNA or preparations pre-enriched for microRNAs. A poly(A) tail is added to microRNAs followed by cDNA synthesis using an adapter primer and qScript RT in a single-tube reaction. The resulting cDNA is ready for qPCR amplification with a Universal PCR Primer and your choice of microRNA Assays. This unique single-tube system provides ease-of-use and efficient cDNA synthesis for quantification of microRNAs with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. PerfeCTa® SYBR Green SuperMixes ensure compatibility with any real-time thermal cycler.

Quanta microRNA Technology

Detect and quantify microRNAs with superior sensitivity

Quanta’s microRNA Quantification System includes the most sensitive and accurate kits and assays available for generation of microRNA cDNA and subsequent detection using SYBR Green qPCR

  • Detect microRNAs with log-fold greater sensitivity than currently available systems
  • Profile microRNAs from small amounts of sample
  • Integrated system includes positive control and does not require expensive hydrolysis probes
  • Broad dynamic range of RNA input

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