5 PRIME products now available in Australia through Gene Target Solutions

Due to popular demand, Gene Target Solutions now distributes within Australia select products from the former 5PRIME portfolio, including 5PRIME Phase Lock Gel, 5PRIME HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase5 PRIME HotMaster Mix, and 5PRIME PCR Extender.


phase lock gel logo

5 PRIME Phase Lock Gel:
Convenient and efficient phenol or phenol/chloroform extractions of nucleic acids, plasmid, genomic DNA and RNA.

5 PRIME Phase Lock Gel (PLG) is a unique product that eliminates interphase-protein contamination during phenol extraction and ensures faster results with improved recoveries. Phase Lock Gel migrates to form a tight seal between the phases of an aqueous/organic extraction during centrifugation. The organic phase and the interphase materials are effectively trapped in or below the barrier, thus enabling complete and easy decanting or pipetting of the entire aqueous phase. The benefits are increased yields of up to 30%, increased protection from exposure to hazardous compounds, and no risk of interphase sample contamination.


5 prime pcr extender system logo

5 PRIME PCR Extender System –
Optimized Enzyme Blend for Long Range PCR

The 5 Prime PCR Extender System is an innovative three-in-one kit for PCR applications. This system provides outstanding long-range PCR product yields and achieves fragment lengths up to 40 kb. A Tuning Buffer prevents the acidic hydrolysis (strand breakage) of very long templates, thus markedly increasing the sensitivity of the PCR.

With proofreading reactions, the high-fidelity buffer (supplied in the kit) and the unique enzyme mix ensure the minimal error rates usually obtained only with specialized high fidelity kits.

The unique enzyme blend of  Taq DNA Polymerase and proofreading enzyme combines with the innovative buffers to successfully amplify templates with a GC-content in excess of 70%. The kit includes detailed instructions full of useful tips.


5 PRIME Hot Master Taq DNA Polymerase: –
Innovative Hot-Start/Cold-Stop technology for highly specific
Hot-Start PCR without enzyme activation.

Contains TaqMaster PCR Enhancer that provides robust amplification of
contaminated and difficult samples.

The 5 PRIME HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase uses an innovative technology to achieve Hot Start PCR. A thermostable inhibitor (patent-pending) of the Taq DNA Polymerase is released at high temperatures, thereby immediately activating the enzyme. The HotMaster technology not only provides Hot Start control at reaction setup, but also Cold Stop during the annealing step of each and every cycle of PCR. The result is a unique Hot Start/Cold Stop technology.


5 prime hotmaster mix logo

5 PRIME Hot Master Mix –
Highly specific Hot-Start PCR with minimal reaction setup

Optimal results – Highly specific amplification
5 PRIME Hot Master Mix is a ready-to-use reagent mix for performing hot-start PCR in a highly convenient format.  HotMaster Taq DNA polymerase, an integral component of the master mix, is designed to reduce or eliminate any non-specific products that may result from mispriming during PCR.

Minimal handling – Ready-to-use mastermix format
5 PRIME Hot Master Mix (2.5x) is a ready-to-use PCR mix that  offers high reproducibility when processing large numbers of samples.  Only primer and template need to be added to the 2.5x
concentrate, decreasing the number of time-consuming pipetting steps. This format not only reduces the likelihood of errors and the risk of contamination, but it also increases precision and sample throughput. The HotMaster Mix also contains the self-adjusting Mg buffer technology . This formulation adjusts the Mg 2+ concentration automatically, eliminating the need for optimizing this critical component.

Convenience – Storage at 4°C eliminates freeze-thaw cycles
5 Prime Hot Master Mix does not need to be stored frozen, eliminating  the time-consuming thawing process and the resulting reduction in performance.
The 5 PRIME Hot Master Mix is a 2.5X concentrated with final concentrations in a 50 µl PCR reaction of 1.0 U/50 µl Taq DNA Polymerase, 45 mM KCl, 2.5 mM Mg 2+, and 200 µM of each dNTP.