Understanding the importance of Methylation

Have you ever wondered if parents pass down more than just traits to their offspring, but also their experiences? Watch this talk given by Dr. Michael Skinner, Washington State University, on the mechanisms of passing along more than just your genetic code, but also your epigenetic code. And read an article on the potential involvement of cfDNA and the onset of pre-term labor. To continue your epigenetic journey, learn more about Swift’s methyl-seq workflow below.

Recent Articles


Ancestral Ghosts in your Genome


This fascinating and consequential talk shares research that is changing and expanding what we know about genomics to include the factors that are collectively known as epigenetics. These factors show a form of biological inheritance that is new to our theories of evolution…

Cell-free DNA, inflammation and the initiation of spontaneous pre term labor

Hypomethylated cell-free DNA from senescent placental trophoblasts may be involved in the activation of the inflammatory cascade to initiate labor. Objective: To determine the changes in cell-free DNA concentrations, the methylation ratio, and inflammatory markers between women in labor at term vs women without labor…

Technology Focus

Accel-NGS® Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit
The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit is the most sensitive and fastest workflow to reveal the complete methylome. With 100 pg of bisulfite-converted DNA and under 2 hours of hands-on time, you can maximize your DNA recovery to generate more diverse libraries with more accurate base composition. Swift’s kit is an excellent choice for bisulfite sequencing, whether you need comprehensive whole methylome coverage or targeting specific methylated regions.