Swift Normalase Kits – Revolutionary Library Normalization Technology for NGS Laboratories

Swift Normalase Kit offers a novel enzymatic library normalization technology that is augmented by the power to consolidate library normalization and pooling for loading on Illumina® sequencing platforms. The Normalase workflow eliminates the need for library quantification and concentration adjustment prior to library pooling, resulting in optimal cluster density and library balance. The Swift normalization method can easily be integrated into standard protocols to improve turnaround time loading and accuracy for NGS laboratories.

Saves time and increases throughput: Uniform sample processing with fewer handling steps to generate balanced library representation in multiplexed sequencing

Reduces variability to save on sequencing costs: Improved library balancing allows higher multiplexing per run, predictable read depth, reducing the need to resequence.

Flexible design for many workflows: Compatible with diverse library preparation methods and sample types to produce more evenly balanced sequence data


Normalase is compatible with libraries constructed using full-length indexed adapters and PCR amplification. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Accel-NGS® 2S DNA Library Kits paired with full-length indexed adapters
  • Swift 2S Turbo Flexible DNA Library Kit paired with full length indexed adapters
  • KAPA Hyper or HyperPlus Kits
  • llumina TruSeq® Sample Preparation Kits
  • Target enriched post-hybridization capture libraries with indexed adapters



  •  Cat # 66096 – Swift Normalase Kit