Accel-Amplicon™ Panels – General

The new Accel-Amplicon panels are based on unique molecular biology to provide powerful solutions for detecting and screening clinically relevant mutations.*  Swift Biosciences multiplex amplicon panels are comprised of 10’s to 100’s of primer pairs in a single-tube format which are optimized for sequencing on Illumina® platforms. Primer pairs in the panels are designed for compatibility with the short DNA fragments from both FFPE and cell-free circulating DNA samples. A fast and easy single-tube workflow produces the best-in-class performance for on-target percentage and coverage uniformity, enabling variant discovery and confirmation.


Accel-Amplicon Panels Brochure


Features Benefits
Single-tube assay Provides easy and consistent processing
Ready-to-sequence libraries in 2 hours Process more samples per day
10 ng input DNA required Process low input samples
Average amplicon size of 138-140 bp Compatible with FFPE and cfDNA
Contiguous coverage Complete coverage of desired regions
Uniformity of coverage > 95% Reads evenly distributed across targets
On target > 95% Reads mapped to intended targets


Simple, Single-tube Workflow

The Accel-Amplicon workflow uses a fast, single-tube approach consisting of a 90-minute target enrichment amplification step and a 10-minute adapter ligation step, yielding a 2 hour start-to-finish procedure.


High Coverage Uniformity Across Sample Types

10 ng of input DNA from a variety of sample types was used to generate libraries with the Accel-Amplicon 56G Oncology Panel. The coverage uniformity, as the percentage of the bases covered at least 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% of the average depth, was determined across four sample types. The percentage of reads on target was > 95% for all sample types.