Accel-Amplicon™ Custom NGS Panels

Let’s Design Your Targeted Sequencing Assays

Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels offer a completely curated, targeted NGS workflow to rapidly and precisely interrogate genomic targets relevant to your research. This approach is ideal as a follow-up to whole genome or exome sequencing studies, as well as diving deep into specific biological pathways.

Swift’s Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels generate highly multiplexed, targeted PCR libraries that are compatible with both Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms. The unique single-tube design is also compatible with most sample types, including limited or degraded samples such as FFPE and cfDNA samples.

Tailored to meet your specific needs, Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels can be customized to include coverage of both clinically-relevant hotspot loci and regions of contiguous coverage, as well as Sample_ID targets spiked-in at a low percentage (2-4% of reads). This allows for somatic mutation detection using high depth of coverage and sample identification using low coverage depth of germline targets.

  • Flexible, intelligent assay design
  • Simple and scalable
  • Reliable
  • Informative
  • Enables discovery, characterization, and screening of SNPs and small indels (< 15 bp).
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of critical hotspot SNVs, indels, and contiguous tiled regions in coding regions and intron-exon boundaries.
  • Tailors your assay at the size that works best for you — from a small panel of just a dozen amplicons up to 1,000 — all in a single-tube multiplexed reaction.
  • Generates complete libraries in under 2 hours with a fast, easy workflow.
  • Delivers highly reproducible performance from only 10-25 ng input DNA, including fragmented or degraded samples.
  • Produces highly specific, exceptional target coverage uniformity to make your sequencing reads work for you.

Swift firmly believes in the power of scientific collaboration to drive novel discoveries. Their world-class bioinformatics and support team partners with you along the way to design, implement, and utilize our Accel-Amplicon NGS Panels. Download the Design Guide below to learn more about the process.

Overview – Custom Panel Design Process

The Accel-Amplicon workflow provides a fast, single-tube approach resulting in a < 2-hour start-to-finish procedure, including hands-on time.
Simplified Data Analysis
Eliminate the Variant Calling Bottleneck

In partnership with Genialis, Swift provides basic and clinical researchers’ with a streamlined data analysis solution that integrates alignment, primer trimming, QC and variant calling into one, simple pipeline.

Product Specs:

Performance: Success Story

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center needed a custom targeted NGS panel to profile causative mutations in a type of endometrial cancer known as endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma (EEA). This study required an assay that would both be compatible with small quantities of circulating, cfDNA from blood plasma and also work with matching tumor samples preserved as FFPE tissue. Bolivar, Ana et al. from Dr. Russell Broaddus’ group in the Department of Pathology, recently published their results in the journal Cancer Genetics (Bolivar, Ana et al. Cancer Genetics , Volume 214 , 34 – 35).

The study sought to design and evaluate a cfDNA-based assay for EEA — an incurable cancer with no current methods for early detection. A Swift Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panel was developed based on four genes previously shown to have mutations in 98% of EEA: CTNNB1, KRAS, PTEN, and PIK3CA. Sequencing was done by NGS (Illumina MiSeq®) on plasma/tumor pairs from 33 early stage EEA patients.

The team found that 11 (1/3) of the patients showed EEA-associated mutations in both plasma and tumor, and these samples were re-sequenced deeply to 20,000X for confirmation. The remaining 22 (2/3) patients exhibited mutations in the FFPE tumor but not in cfDNA. Tumors from the cohort with mutations in both cfDNA and tumor were, on average, almost 3X larger (10.4 cm vs. 3.6 cm) than those with mutations only in the tumor.

Let’s work together to design your assay.

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