qPCR Design Lab


qPCR Design Lab is a comprehensive website for assay design, oligo analysis, webinars, and references. This new online resource provides quick navigation to the tools and information you need for qPCR eliminating the need to dig through multiple websites.


  • Quickly perform common dilution and resuspension calculations with our oligo toolbox or determine physical properties of your oligo with the new OligoSpec™ calculator.
  • Visualize combinations of fluorophore absorption and emission spectra with the Spectral Overlay Tool for Multiplexed qPCR. Receive reporter dye and quencher recommendations specific to your real-time PCR instrument.
  • Design assays using our free online RealTimeDesign™ software for qPCR applications including gene expression analysis, SNP genotyping, and multiplexed qPCR.
  • Watch educational animations and webinars to stay up-to-date with assay design’s best practices or learn more about MIQE guidelines.
  • Read the history of PCR and the origins of BHQ® probes.
  • Take a breather and have some fun in between experiments by playing qPCR Crush™ game.

Visit qPCRdesign.com or go directly to the section you are interested in by clicking on a page icon above.